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At Eidgah Academy we understand the importance of keeping children engaged outside of educational settings through extra-curricular activities. At present we run informal football coaching sessions for boys and girls once per week. 
Our coaching sessions are designed to help children increase fitness levels, mental health, wellbeing and overall health. The core aim of the football sessions is to allow children and young people to engage in activities steering them away from the streets, gangs etc...
The football sessions also incorporate a mentoring element where children and young people have access to mentors and value-based workshops covering a broad range of topics such as anger management, bullying, harassment, anti-social behaviour, patience, respect and resilience. The aim of the mentoring elements is to enable children and young people to understand their role in life, plan to conduct positive roles within their homes, communities and finally to equip them with the tools to make sound decisions in their own lives.

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Holiday Club

We understand that often children and parents are looking to get involved in a broad range of activities to alleviate boredom during school holidays. Eidgah Academy is here to help in such scenarios too! 

During holiday periods, we run a broad range of activities for children for all ages to get involved in. Activities include:

  • Outdoor sports

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Indoor game play 

  • Cookery / Healthy eating

Not only are children able to socialise and make new friends but they are able to make use of a variety of resources at Eidgah Academy to develop key skills such as communication, self-esteem and team work.

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